grab the shortcut to chatGPT and create your online course in no time!

If you want to learn how to create and sell online courses with A.I. that provide REAL VALUE content you can be proud of I am going to share with you 201 course creation prompts to copy, paste & scale for your own course creation. 

AI is scary for most of us. But what's even scarier is getting left behind by the AI revolution.

Because what's true is that AI is here to stay. Everyone from major venture capitalists to boutique advertising agencies to Bali freelancers is adopting it to not fall behind. 

I believe ChatGPT is fundamentally changing the way we work.

Brainstorm Course Topics? 


Create Course Outline? 


Write lesson scripts?



Create and sell mini-courses with ChatGPT 

Master the art of online course creation with ChatGPT and create profitable online courses in A couple of hours.

What's Included:


In part one we will brainstorm course topics with the help of 201 course creation prompts. You will get a copy of my Excel file with course creation prompts. 


We will then move on to creating a course outline and lesson scripts. You will also get my templates for the workbook and slide deck creation in Canva. 


In part three we'll create our marketing copy, email scripts, sales pages, and sales funnel pages, such as upsell and downsell copy. Additionally, I am providing with Facebook ad prompts if you plan to run ads.

Hi, I am Liya!

I have been looking into what all the fuss about ChatGPT really is - and I have spent the past few months using it for my own course creation process, including brainstorming course ideas, writing course scripts, sales pages, upsell and downsell pages, my flash sales, and more.

And I documented everything I explored. It took me weeks to learn and dive deep into ChatGPT. But after intense study and messing around with Chat GPT... I finally figured it out. 

Suddenly instead of getting vague, unreliable results, ChatGPT started giving me what I wanted. Wouldn't be great if ChatGPT will also start working out for you the way you want and get you your desired results?

Liya Bergen

ChatGPT is a great tool.

But, you need to know what to ask.

Average prompts produce average and mediocre results.

Advanced prompts allow you to unlock more features with predictably better results.

Here's how easy it is to succeed with these unique AI course creation prompts

Open up "The ChatGPT Prompt Pack in Excel" on your computer, table or mobile device

Copy and Paste one of the prompts into ChatGPT (they work with both the FREE or paid version!)

Follow video instructions and Instantly get high quality course content that attracts and converts more customers without needing expensive copywriter's help. 

Course creators should use ChatGPT because it can save them time and effort in the content creation process, help them create personalized learning experiences for their students, and assist in creating interactive content to keep students engaged.

Get AI Prompts For Absolutely Every Step Of Your Course Creation

Why? It will free up your time so you can focus on what you do best...

It's true what they're saying about ChatGPT. You really can get an endless stream of high-quality content for your course.

Plus, marketing materials such as sales pages, sales funnel pages, Facebook ads, emails, Instagram captions, and more.

Create and sell mini-courses with ChatGPT

INSTANT access is waiting for you! 

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